About us

PERSONALNY LEASING, s.r.o. is labor - consulting agency based in Bratislava. From the outset of our society in the labor market we focus on respect for our basic philosophy - to provide a highly professional and comprehensive services for the highest level of satisfaction of our clients. Thanks to the fulfillment of this mission, our agency to revise one of the largest and most successful agencies in Slovakia, which mediates jobs abroad. Our team consists of experienced and professionally trained people, who have extensive personal experience of working abroad.

Our agency is dedicated to job placement abroad, mainly in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece and Cyprus. In our offer you can find jobs in factories, warehouses, hotels and restaurants as well as nannies and au pair in Austria, Germany, Holland, England, summer jobs for students and many more. Our range is constantly expanding to new countries and jobs. For work abroad cooperate only with verified employers with whom we have special relationship, and through which we provide our assistance to job seekers throughout the stint. These partners carefully selects and precisely define the terms of our cooperation.

Prove the quality of our services is our annual increase in the number of new clients and mainly re-use our services to clients, which we have also previously brokered work. We hope that you can find in our offer job of your dreams.

Looking forward to our cooperation.